Clean Water Issues

Water Fluoridation

Of all the clean water issues to focus on in California, water fluoridation remains our top target for continued attention and scrutiny. Why fluoridation? Three reasons:

1. An honest and rigorous evaluation of the current scientific literature on water fluoridation reveals that the risks outweigh the benefits.

2.  The synergistic effects of adding fluoride chemicals into an already potentially toxic brew of water treatment chemicals exacerbates the impact on human and environmental health.

3. In California, there has been a general lack of organization and advocacy on this specific clean water issue. With such a large percentage of California residents on fluoridated drinking water systems, someone needed to step up.

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Chloramine (chlorine + ammonia) is a drinking water disinfectant that can be a potential health hazard if used improperly. While the health impact of Chloramine is dependent on several water quality variables, the bottom line is that chloramine use produces MORE disinfection byproducts than free chlorine, especially as a secondary disinfectant.

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