Join Us for the "MARCH FOR CLEAN WATER" Rally on March 22nd, 2014!!

The tide is turning on water fluoridation. Ride the wave and join us for the second annual "March for Clean Water" Rally on 3/22/14 in San Francisco to accelerate the end of public water fluoridation in the Bay Area!

11am - March from Union Square to Justin Herman Plaza (WEAR ALL BLUE AND BRING SIGNS!)

1pm - Rally at Justin Herman Plaza featuring several qualified speakers in the related health professions!

The march will be accompanied by a marching band and you will receive information on how to stay involved in this issue and build this movement!  ** RSVP Here **

For more information about this event, contact Jay Sanders -

UPDATE: We are excited to announce our headline speakers for the event!

Dr. Bill Osmunson (DDS, MPH) – After promoting fluoridation for years in his dental practice, Bill decided to look into the science himself and discovered that fluoridation is neither safe, nor effective. Join us to hear Bill's story.

Michael Connett, Special Projects Director, Fluoride Action Network - Michael is a California based attorney and has been at the forefront of the movement to raise awareness about the concerns of water fluoridation. Watch Michael shine in this excellent live television debate on fluoridation.

Jacques Durand, Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter - Jacques will give a short update of the local Sierra Club position and actions on this issue.

Henry Rodriguez, Executive Director of the San Antonio Texas LULAC Concilio Zapatista 4383 - Henry, 2012 LULAC Texas Man of the Year, was the lead on the team that created the 2011 League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) anti-fluoridation resolution that was passed unanimously by national LULAC membership.

Arlene Goetze, writer/researcher on health for 50 years, advocate: No Toxins for Children. Alene led a successful campaign to convince the City of Sunnyvale to issue fluoride warnings for infants.

Dr. Richard Kunin, Founding President, Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine. In 1996, Dr. Kunin was the first to measure fluoride in hair and to demonstrate hair levels of up to 20 parts per million, providing further evidence of a major public-health problem.

* The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission fluoridates water in the Bay Area with fluosilicic acid, a hazardous by-product of phosphate fertilizer.

After 60 years of fluoridation, San Francisco reported that 2/3 of its grade school and 1/3 of pre-schoolers still had cavities.

A Center for Disease Control survey in 2002 reported that San Francisco was #5 in overdosing babies in formula and a study by MSN Health Newsletter ranked San Francisco #84 of 100 cities in dental health. Un-fluoridated San Jose was ranked #1.

Fluoride Update 2014:

* 10 US Government Agencies, Health Departments and Dental Groups and 9 cities now give advice to parents that, in an effort to avoid dental fluorosis, fluoridated water should NOT be used in making infant formula. Formula-fed infants can get up to 200 times more fluoride than breastfed babies who get next to none.

* The city of Sunnyvale, CA provides an infant formula fluoride waring on it's annual water quality statements since 2012, and the city of San Francisco, CA will begin doing the same starting with last year's (2013) water quality statement.

* 41% of teens today have fluorosis on permanent teeth from overdose of fluoride under age 6.

* Harvard University scientists agree with 26 studies that show even low amounts of fluoride lowers IQ and can do neurological damage in utero.

* The world's most prestigious medical journal, the Lancet, agrees, as it recently (March 2014) published an article that specifies fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin, which means it adversely effects the developing brain.

* Fluoridated drinking water does not prevent cavities. There is no statistical difference in tooth decay between fluoridated and un-fluoridated communities. Fluoridated cities still have major problems with severe cavities in children. (NY Times, Mar. 6, 2012)

March For Clean Water California San Francisco 3/22/14 NO Fluoride

March For Clean Water California San Francisco 3/22/14 NO Fluoride

March For Clean Water California San Francisco 3/22/14 NO Fluoride

  Clean Water California thanks all of our generous sponsors for supporting us in our efforts.

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