Sierra Club Yolano Group Opposes putting fluoridation chemicals in the public drinking water

Sierra Club Yolano Group Opposes Putting Fluoridation Chemicals in the Water. 

The Sierra Club Yolano Group has come out openly opposing the use of industrial (or any other) fluoridation chemicals in the public water.  They studied the issue, in particular the statistics and science, for over two months and came to the same conclusions we have.  This is great news for Davis/Woodland residents!  The group came to the following inescapable conclusions...

1) Drinking fluoride is ineffective in reducing tooth decay

2) Fluoride does not help disadvantaged communities

3) Fluoride causes harm, notably fluorosis and is particularly harmful to infants' pre-erupted teeth as well as red flag links to lowered IQ, brittle bones and thyroid dysfunction.  Fluoridation chemicals hurt those who are hypersensitive for various reasons

4) Industrial chemicals used have serious contaminants, such as arsenic and lead for which there is no safe level.

5) Fluoride is an unapproved drug forced on the public through the public drinking water.

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