Fluoridation on the Ropes

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U.S. Government Walks Back Fluoride Recommendation

For the first time in more than 50 years, the federal government has recommended lowering the level of fluoride in drinking water. In April of this year, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) admitted that current fluoride levels (which they have long promoted as safe) have damaged children’s teeth. Because of the large increase in dental fluorosis (41% of teenagers), HHS says that water fluoride levels should be lowered to not exceed 0.7 mg/L (most California communities use a range between 0.7 – 1.5 mg/L).

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EPA Scientist To Give Fluoride Talk In Berkeley

EPA Scientist To Give Fluoride Talk In Berkeley, CA - 4/18

Clean Water California is honored to sponsor "A conversation with EPA Scientist Dr. William Hirzy" next Saturday, April 18th from 2-4pm on the patio at Gather Restaurant in Berkeley, CA. Dr. Hirzy will give a talk at 3pm followed by a Q & A session.

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Fluoride Goes to the Ballot in Healdsburg!

Fluoride on the ballot in Healdsburg this Tuesday - VOTE NO ON MEASURE P!

On Tuesday November 4th in Sonoma County, Ballot Measure P will allow Healdsburg voters to decide whether or not to stop fluoridating their city’s tapwater. Most residents would like to know more about the issue before voting.

VOTE NO ON P Fluoride Free Healdsburg Clean Water California

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CWC Summer 2014 Update

As the summer winds down, we want to provide an update as to what the team at Clean Water California has been working on in recent months.

Fluorosis Warnings For Infants

Infant formula fluoride warnings have finally hit the Bay Area! Members of Clean Water California were successful in convincing San Francisco and East Bay water municipalities to add a fluorosis warning to annual water quality statements. The language is quite guarded (naturally, health departments are worried about lawsuits and losing credibility) but infant formula fluorosis warnings are an important first step in raising public awareness about the detrimental health effects of water fluoridation.

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Infant formula fluoride warnings hit the Bay Area!

Members of Clean Water California were successful in convincing San Francisco and East Bay water municipalities to add an infant formula fluorosis warning to annual water quality statements.

sfpuc fluorosis

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Success! A great turnout at the Clean Water Rally!

Last March hundreds of our supporters from across the Bay Area gathered to March and Rally to End Water Fluoridation practices in California. We are deeply grateful to the expert leadership that joined us at the March and Rally in San Francisco.

Many thanks to Michael Connett (Fluoride Action Network), Dr. Richard Kunin (Society for Orthomolecular Health Medicine), Bill Osmunson, MPH, DDS, Arlene Goetze (No Toxins for Children), Dawna Gallagher (Clean Water Sonoma-Marin), Henry Rodriguez (LULAC), Jacques Durant (Sierra Club), and Michael LeVesque (Vitamin Express).  Thank you to everyone who came out and made the event such a success.

What’s Next?

Now we need to keep our momentum front and center and continue to educate and empower local residents about the risk of fluoride in our drinking water.

We will be rolling out our plans for the remainder of the year and encouraging everyone to step up and take on a role in our campaign to end the toxic practice of fluoridation in California.

Our goal of ending fluoridation in California is actionable and realizable. We appreciate your ongoing support and a DONATION of any size will help us educate and empower more Californians.

Footage of the rally can be viewed on the Clean Water California YouTube channel.

Please sign this PETITION to the California State Legislature.


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Join Us for the "MARCH FOR CLEAN WATER" Rally on March 22nd, 2014!!

The tide is turning on water fluoridation. Ride the wave and join us for the second annual "March for Clean Water" Rally on 3/22/14 in San Francisco to accelerate the end of public water fluoridation in the Bay Area!

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What exactly are they putting into our water?

So, what exactly are they putting into our water in California anyway? Is it naturally occurring calcium fluoride? Is it the pharmaceutical grade fluoride found in our dentists’ office? Nope!

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What do scientists and medical professionals have to say about fluoridation?

In this full length video produced by the Fluoride Action Network, respected professional researchers, scientists, and health practitioners openly discuss their experience and opinions concerning the adverse health effects and ethical problems associated with the public health policy of water fluoridation.

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Israel Ends Fluoridation

Israel has joined 98% of Western Europe and 95% of the world in banning the use of fluoridation chemicals in the water.  



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